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prison_notebook's Journal

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If you're here, you probably already know me.

In the interests of up-to-datedness: I am getting my MA in sociology in Victoria, BC. This means I read lots of articles about video surveillance, social theory and qualitative methodology. Entering a PhD program soon, in the meantime, keeping my head above water and trying to live as much as possible at the same time.

("prison notebook" is inspired by Gramsci's "Selections From the Prison Notebooks" - a collection of social theory books that he wrote, under some duress, during captivity [as the name suggests] under Mussolini's fascist regime. These books were smuggled out of prison by his wife's sister, transported covertly to Paris and then onto Russia where, after his death in prison, they were eventually prepared for publication. It is a fine tale; as good as any movie. Although, admittedly, my other 6 first choice names were already taken... what you gonna do?)

[for new people, I was born in Northampton, UK, and have arrived in Victoria, Canada via Sheffield, UK, Miyazaki, Japan and Tokyo, Japan. I don't have any skills to brag about.]